We thrive at making quality products to meet your needs! Our feed store and feed mill will continue to keep true to those words! We appreciate the business you have brought to us! Not only do we service large farmer but also the small back yard farmer as well!

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Haag's Feed Store & Milling
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Haag's Feed has been family owned and operated since day 1! We started our journey in the feed business in 1993 in a building the size of a 2 car garage! 4 years later we updated to a 800 sq ft feed store. In year 2000 we made the decision to go bigger, we added 4000 sq ft more into a full fledge retail feed store! in 2003 we built a 4600 sq ft indoor feed mill! from this point we have done everything possible to meet the the consumers demands.............

..........We make our own feeds and hoping we always do! We retail other feeds other than our own, we are a Purina feed dealer, Kalmbach Feed dealer, Farm and Garden Co dealer, LD Carlson brew supplies dealer and more! One thing to remember when you hear the name Haag's.......Quality Feed, Great Service, That's our goal
We currently took on a new and adventurous dealership! In April 2014 We became LD Carlson and Brewers Best Dealers! We handle a full line of Home Brew products to craft your own Home Brew Beer! For more info go to our Home Brew page!
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